Lionel Messi’s injuries

Lionel Messi injury

blow to his arm will rule Lionel Messi out of subsequent three weeks, with this the 21st injury of the 31-year-old’s career. In total, he has missed 80 club matches through injury and is now expected to miss another six. Over these 80 matches, Barcelona has won 48 times, drawn 17 times, and lost on 15 occasions, making for a winning percentage of 60 percent. Here, we glance back at each of those injuries the No.10 has suffered.2005/06 season February 5, 2006, Barcelona vs Atletico: He suffered a hamstring injury to his right leg, returning on February 18.March 7, 2006, Barcelona vs Chelsea: He had a five-centimeter tear to his hamstring, again on the proper leg. He returned on May 30 during a match for Argentina.2006/07 season October 22, 2006, Real Madrid vs Barcelona: His right ankle was injured at this Clasico, with the forward returning on October 31. November 12, 2006, Barcelona vs Real Zaragoza: He suffered a fracture to his fifth metatarsal on the left foot and didn’t reappear until February 11, 2007.

Lionel Messi

2007/08 season September 11, 2007, Australia vs Argentina: On international duty, he had a hamstring contracture in his right leg. He came back on September 19. December 15, 2007, Valencia vs Barcelona: At this point, it had been an injury to his left thigh, with the player returning over a month afterward January 20, 2008. March 4, 2008, Barcelona vs Celtic: There was another left thigh injury and he came back on April 12, 2008.2009/10 season November 21, 2009, Athletic vs Barcelona: A contracture in his left leg’s adductor saw him miss every week, together with his return approaching November 29.

Lionel Messi

2010/11 season September 19, 2010, Atletico vs Barcelona: His right ankle was injured and Messi didn’t come until just over every week later, on Michaelmas .2012/13 season December 5, 2012, Barcelona vs Benfica: He suffered a knock and hurt his left knee. He was subbed off during this Champions League match but didn’t miss any others. January 24, 2013, Malaga vs Barcelona: Similarly, he was substituted off but was then back for the subsequent match, during this case with a muscle overload.April 2, 2013, PSG vs Barcelona: He stretched his right hamstring, returning on April 10.May 12, 2013, Atletico vs Barcelona: during this case, he began with muscle discomfort, but didn’t miss any longer matches.2013/14 season august 10, 2013, pre-season: As a result of a quadriceps injury, he missed one friendly match as a precaution. August 22, 2013, Atletico vs Barcelona: Bruising of muscles within the left leg resulted in the No.10 missing one match.September 28, 2013, Almeria vs Barcelona: A hamstring injury to the proper leg meant a couple of weeks of watching on, with him returning on October 19.November 10, 2013, Betis vs Barcelona: A six-centimeter hamstring tear meant a big-time on the sidelines, with Messi returning after the New Year, on January 8, 2014.2014/15 season august 31, 2014, Villarreal vs Barcelona: An overload within the adductor of his right leg, albeit he had played all 90 minutes. He didn’t continue the subsequent international break and returned on September 9.

Lionel Messi

2015/16 season September 26, 2015, Barcelona vs Las Palmas: A left knee injury saw him sit out until November 21, when he came back for the Clasico against Real Madrid.2016/17 season September 22, 2016, Barcelona vs Atletico: An adductor injury on his right leg ruled him out until October 15.2018/19 season October 21, 2018, Barcelona vs Sevilla: A fracture to his left arm should see him miss three weeks.

Total days out

05-Aug-1916-Sep-1942calf injury
28-Mar-1705-May-1738FIFA suspended 4 games, then reduced to 1
21-Sep-1613-Oct-1622groin injury
08-Feb-1611-Feb-163undergoes minor kidney operation
26-Sep-1519-Nov-1554tear ligament left knee. 8 weeks out
22-Nov-1422-Nov-14becomes the best all-time topscorer in La Liga (252nd goal)
21-Jan-1421-Jan-14to play his 400th game with Barcelona
11-Nov-1306-Jan-1456left hamstring injury
30-Sep-1314-Oct-1314thigh biceps femoris right leg
13-May-1305-Jun-1323right leg hamstring injury
03-Apr-1303-Apr-13hamstring against PSG
20-Sep-1027-Sep-107ankle ligament damage after Ujfalusi tackle
25-May-1025-May-10did not play friendly against Canada per caution
08-Apr-1008-Apr-10Marca suggested stopping Messi by criminal means
29-Aug-0901-Sep-093with national team
18-Nov-0820-Nov-082Olympics agreement w/Barcelona
04-Mar-0810-Apr-0837tearing a muscle in his left thigh against Celtic
15-Dec-0714-Jan-0830Injured against Valencia
12-Nov-0601-Feb-0781Broken the fifth metatarsal in left foot
07-Mar-0607-May-0661tore a muscle in his right thigh against Chelsea

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