We are all 100% behind Justin Langer: Finch

Aaron Finch

Aaron Finch has begun in support of Australia head coach Justin Langer after the latter confronted the criticism that came his way during a review after the house series defeat to India in Tests. Finch admitted Langer addressed a number of the problems that ‘came up’ recently and praised him for being forthcoming about it, during a pre-departure (to West Indies) camp.

“Over a few of days on the Gold Coast we had an excellent camp… the power for JL to deal with a couple of issues that came up within the review with Tim Ford, that was brilliant from him to tackle them head-on, put his side of the story, put his spin thereon, that shows the standard of the person he’s and things he’s performing on,” Finch said.

Since Langer took over in May 2018, Australia has won 11 of the 22 Tests they’ve played, 23 of the 44 ODIs, and 18 of the 36 T20Is. Finch, who led the team to the 2019 World Cup semifinal within the ongoing Langer reign, reckoned the previous Test opener has been ‘fantastic’ and had the entire backing from the players, putting an end to speculations regarding Langer’s standing as Australia’s head coach.

“We are all behind him 100%, the way he’s coached Australia within the last few years has been fantastic, I feel we’ve had some specialized success. little question it had been quite confronting for him at the time but he took it head-on and it had been great. Very positive from our point of view.”

Finch also revealed that the problems that came up weren’t ‘groundbreaking, and had to try to to with how his work could’ve been delegated better because the team went from bubble to bubble in recent times.

“Think there was a mixture of a couple of things. On the rear of tons of bubbles also, I feel he could have used his assistants a touch better and delegated therein regard but there was nothing groundbreaking.

“It was stuff every player and each coach would reflect on themselves. The way he confronted that and therefore the way it had been received by the players was outstanding,” Finch added.

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