Wood talks about the turning point of the coin advantage

Mark Wood

Mark Wood doesn’t think the toss is giving the team batting second an unfair advantage within the current T20I series against India, despite all three matches thus far being won by the side chasing.

India’s eight-wicket defeat on Tuesday came after England won the toss and decided to bowl first, a continuation of the trend this series. Eoin Morgan made an equivalent decision within the opening game, which England won, while Virat Kohli decided to bowl first within the second match, which India won comprehensively themselves. Three games, three victories for the team who won the toss. it’s led to suggestions that the result of those matches is being decided by the flick of a coin.

Wood, however, doesn’t think the toss has the maximum amount of an impression on proceedings as could be the first thought. “For the Twenty20s I feel the toss has been [made] a much bigger issue than what it is,” he said on Wednesday (March 17). “I think if either team has got to bat first they both still think they will win the sport. it isn’t seen as an enormous disadvantage, it’s just both teams like better to chase because you recognize exactly what you would like to travel for and have seen how the pitch is playing. it has been made a much bigger deal than it must be within the Twenty20s.

“If you bowl second, you get to ascertain what the opposition has done, what works for them. But both teams, the way that their batting line-ups are, clearly wish to chase. Often we all know that we are getting to be bowling first if we win the toss because that’s how we play and that we back ourselves.

“If the wicket determines something different, then I’m sure we’ll be happy to bat first. we have got confidence in every player therein room that if we’d like to bat first and obtain an enormous score, I’m sure we could do this. Like I say, once you watch the opposition bowlers, you get to ascertain the slower balls that are working, you would like to bowl slightly fuller or shorter. you are doing get a feel off the opposition also. But both teams do wish to chase.”

In both their victories so far, England picked up three wickets within the Powerplay, pegging India back soon. A team wins 80% of T20s once they take three or more wickets within the first six overs and Wood felt that was a much bigger reason for his team’s success in games one and three than the toss.

“Early wickets are key,” he said. “When we put a dent in India’s batting line-up then it makes it harder for them to urge an enormous score at the top and that they need to go doubly hard late on. That game plan is going to be an equivalent whether it’s bowling first or bowling second.”

Wood, who missed the second game with a bruised heel, has bowled excellently in both of England’s victories. He picked up three wickets within the third match before Kohli exacted some revenge by taking 16 from his last over. “I assumed a few, I bowled what I wanted to try to and he just played good shots,” Wood said.

“Good players are allowed to try to do that. I said to him at the top ‘that first ball you hit for 6 was a hell of a shot’. He got in, took his time, and went to the top. He’s an incredible player we attempt to get out early. this point we didn’t but we were still pleased with the score we kept them too.”

Overall, it’s been a positive return to the side for Wood after he was overlooked for the series in South Africa in November in favor of Tom Curran. And if Wood plays within the remainder of this series -he has fit the fourth match on Thursday – he is going to be striving to find out more about Indian conditions before the planet Cup later this year. “I desire I even have played well during a few games but last summer I played well against Australia then I omitted in South Africa,” Wood said.

“We have gotten that a lot of good bowlers that I do not desire my place may be a given. Ultimately we all want to be a part of that group that plays within the World Cup and hopefully wins it for England. we’ve got many back-ups – people enter and out of form, injuries come and go – so it is vital that as a gaggle, nobody takes their spot without any consideration.

“I’m watching their bowlers. I played with Shardul Thakur at Chennai and he’s got a replacement slower ball. I’m watching that and the way well that’s worked – is that something I could attempt to adapt to my game.

“My role has been pretty clear but behind the scenes I’m still trying to find out new things, slower balls, trying to urge better at my yorker bowling. There are always things to enhance on, these are the conditions we’re getting to come up against within the World Cup so it’s about trying to urge the proper skills in situ to adapt on any given surface or pitches we’d encounter here.”

For now, though, Wood and England are focused on sealing a series victory within the fourth match on Thursday evening. “[It would be] an excellent achievement to win in India against a top side,” he said. “It can give us huge confidence going into English summer and therefore the World Cup is here.

“Although we try a couple of various things, a couple of different roles surely players, I feel it’s an honest opportunity once you put wins on the board as we did before the 50-over World Cup, it gives you confidence. We aren’t getting to take a backward step now so it keeps getting to attempt to get that series win.”

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